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Posted 20 hours ago

Here’s the moment where the backhoe scrapes the top of the septic tank for the first time. I’ve never been so excited to see a giant hunk of metal in my entire life. We found it. Thank you all for your well-wishes through this challenging time.

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Posted 1 day ago

Lester here. My @barkbox came in the mail. Hold my calls.

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Posted 2 days ago

Texas style fiddling. What do you want to know? I’m talking and teaching Texas style this coming Saturday 4/17. Sign up over at and.

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Posted 4 days ago
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Posted 1 week ago

Hi friends! Here’s an update on my post-covid #parosmia. You know, parosmia is a really difficult thing with which to live and the numbers are starting to show that it’s actually a frighteningly common neurological result of having covid-19. (Great @nytimes article on parosmia recently - Google it.) Here are two points I’d like you to consider.

1) When people say there’s a 98% survival rate for this disease, I get really frustrated. Who wants 2% of people to die, is my first question? But that also completely dismisses the huge percentage of people who are left with long-term neurological disorders. Why would you wish that on people, or yourself?

2) Getting the vaccine is safe and necessary for us to combat this virus. As a society I want us to always be thinking about the health and well-being of others. Loving your fellow person enough to do what we can to protect them is what makes it fun to be a human!

The person who gave me covid (I don’t know who it was, to be clear.) probably didn’t think to themselves, “Hey let’s go make it so some woman we don’t even know smells sweet rotting garbage all around her for possibly two years after having a dangerous fever for over a week!” But that’s what happened. I’m not even mad. I’m just sad. I love you all and wish you the best, every day.

Oh, and if you are also suffering with this disorder, follow @parosmiawithfriends for some nice supportive community and helpful tips.

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Posted 1 week ago
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Posted 1 week ago

Adam Hurt Clawhammer Banjo Zoom Workshops - presented by Nashville Acoustic Camps - starting in May! Four 60-75 minute workshops, every Tuesday evening in May. $100 for all of that. Ridiculous. Do I even need to tell you what a big deal this is? I do not. Go to and click on the Zoom Workshops page to learn more and sign up. @clawhammerist

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Posted 2 weeks ago
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Posted 2 weeks ago

This is an appreciation post for all of our campers (including the ones who send us beautiful paintings omg) as well as an announcement that we are getting things back under way here at We have dates for several of the postponed camps already decided and we’ll have the rest on the calendar shortly. We expect that some of the previously sold out camps will have a few spots open up due to campers with scheduling problems needing to change to a different camp so I promise to keep you posted. We’re just so excited to get back to doing what we do around here. We love you all. Get vaccinated and get over here!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I am excited to embark on a new chapter of my working life - I recently gave my notice to the Pam Tillis organization and will no longer be touring with her or Lorrie Morgan (on their awesome Grits and Glamour Tour). I must admit, I'm sad to be leaving. It's been an incredible four years and I have learned so much. Thanks to Pam, her amazing husband/manager Matt Spicher, and my bandmates, especially the lovely and talented Mary Sue Englund, with whom I spent more time over the last few years than I did with my husband. And I wouldn't trade a minute of it...