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From Megan B. Lynch, a collection of beautiful waltzes, classic old-time fiddle tunes, and new interpretations of fiddle and mandolin duets.

This album also features the expressive guitar and mandolin playing of California native and State Flatpicking Champion John Relph.

“Megan's expressive playing flows in the stately waltz tunes and the listener can almost visualize dancers waltzing across ballroom floors. Megan also is able to put in a sprightly bounce in her renditions of fiddle tune classics such as ”Soldier's Joy,” ”Fisher's Hornpipe,” ”Arkansas Traveler” and “Bill Cheatum.” The 18 songs ebb and flow like a tide and the listener can be swept away and inspired by the glorious flow of notes.” -Bluegrass Breakdown magazine

Includes: Soldier's Joy, Wednesday Night Waltz, Germaine, Crying, Fisher's Hornpipe, Blue Valley Waltz, The Great George Street Waltz, Arkansas Traveler, Forgiveness Waltz, Rose of Avonmore, Bill Cheatum, Regalo de Novios, Elena's Waltz, Leather Britches, Savannah's Waltz, Kathleen's Waltz, Soldier's Joy, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Done Gone.

15 Savannah's Waltz.mp3

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