Harmony Training Series

Tenor Harmony CD (In bluegrass, the tenor part is the harmony part above the lead voice)
Baritone Harmony CD (The baritone part is the part below the lead vocal)
Tenor/Baritone CD Bundle

This project was developed to help people dive into the world of harmony singing by providing some common jam tunes and highlighting the often obscured harmony parts.

Song titles:
Little Cabin Home On The Hill
Mr. Engineer
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Little Georgia Rose
How Mt. Girls Can Love

How it works:
Track 1: A full mix of the entire song so you can hear the desired outcome.

Track 2: A chorus mix with the lead vocal only. Possibly the most important track because you can't sing harmony if you don't know the specific interpretation of the melody. Some quality time should be spent learning every dip, dive, and turn!

Track 3: A chorus mix with the harmony vocal only. Learning, note for note, what the harmony singer is doing will allow you to get a feel for the sound of that part in a band setting. Review this track until the part feels natural, then proceed onward!

Track 4: A full mix of the entire song WITHOUT the harmony part. Because the song will progress in real-time, it will feel like a jam session with you jumping in on each chorus.

Check out some examples below!

11 BRCH Baritone.mp3

13 Little Georgia Rose - Full Track.mp3