FiddleStar Youth Fiddle and Guitar Camp 2013

For three days, 10 of the best and brightest young fiddle and guitar players in the country descended on FiddleStar Camp. Below is a slideshow of all the fun and just below that are the tracks we recorded with engineer Richard Smith. Instructors and staff for this camp included Casey Driessen, Megan B. Lynch Chowning, Doug Fleener, Maddie Denton, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, Caid Jones, Miya Saito-Beckman, and Missy Daley. 

Soundtrack to the slideshow by Casey Driessen from his album "3D". 

"Some Nights" Karson Glancy - Fiddle Zachary Smith - Guitar Grant Smith  - Fiddle

Some nights mix.mp3

"Kiss that Sweet Georgia Brown" River Lee - Guitar Alicyn Newman - Fiddle Andrew Lin - Fiddle 

Kiss that Sweet Georgia Brown mix.mp3

"Wagon Ridge" Samantha Cunningham - Guitar, Vocals Emma DeJarnette - Fiddle, Vocals Reed Cullen - Fiddle, Vocals Matthew Lin - Guitar

Wagon Ridge mix.mp3

"Black Dog Snoring" (a FiddleStar Camp original song) Karson Glancy - Fiddle Emma DeJarnette - Fiddle Matthew Lin - Fiddle Megan Lynch Chowning - Fiddle 

Black Dog Snoring mix.mp3

"Burning Black Rubber" (a FiddleStar Camp original song) Samantha Cunningham - Vocals Zachary Smith - Guitar Grant Smith - Guitar Alicyn Newman - Fiddle Karson Glancy - Fiddle 

Burning Black Rubber mix.mp3

"Bunny and Tyra" (a FiddleStar Camp medley by the Fantastic Four) Doug Fleener - Guitar Maddie Denton - Guitar Caid Jones - Fiddle Miya Saito-Beckman - Fiddle 

Bunny and Tyra mix.mp3

FiddleStar Youth Camp 2013 

Here are mp3s of the camp recording session we did with the great Richard Smith in his awesome Goodlettsville, TN studio. The campers are playing almost all the instruments and doing all the singing. Instructors and staff helpers at this camp included Megan Lynch Chowning, Adam Chowning, Tashina Clarridge, Tristan Clarridge, Simon Chrisman, Emily Mann, and Willeke Frankzerda. 

Old Joe Clark.mp3



I don_t love nobody.mp3

Lonesome Pine Salt Springs.mp3

FiddleStar Adult Camp 2013 

FiddleStar Youth Camp 2012
Check out the great tracks we recorded in the studio with engineer Richard Smith. 2012 teachers and staff included Jim Van Cleve, Doug Fleener, Tashina Clarridge, Tristan Clarridge, Caid Jones, Emily Mann, and Simon Chrisman. 

03 Hog Eyed Man.mp3

07 Red Haired Boy.mp3

02 Breakaway.mp3

06 When You Say Nothing At All.mp3

04 Jerusalem Ridge_Old Dangerfield.mp3

01 Ashokan Farewell.mp3

05 Soldier's Joy.mp3