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I post things about fiddling. And how we can all be better at it.

<p>High tech #jam #juniormarriot #dankelly #tnstatefiddlerschampionships #ipad #chordchart (at Tennessee State Fiddlers Championships)</p>

High tech #jam #juniormarriot #dankelly #tnstatefiddlerschampionships #ipad #chordchart (at Tennessee State Fiddlers Championships)

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One occassionally hears dire warnings against the dangers of ‘over ornamentation.’ Generally, those who level such accusations are unable to perform much ornamentation, either because of an ignorance of what to do or an inability to do it.
L.E. McCullough c.1976
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<p>Tyler wins the banjo contest and then makes this face…</p>

Tyler wins the banjo contest and then makes this face…

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<p>The Bulla Boys</p>

The Bulla Boys

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<p>My two favorite boys wait for me (not so patiently) to get done teaching. (at Lynch Chowning Music Camp Headquarters)</p>

My two favorite boys wait for me (not so patiently) to get done teaching. (at Lynch Chowning Music Camp Headquarters)

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Jean Carignan, grandmaster of French-Canadian fiddling.

And here’s your project for today.

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Posted 252 weeks ago

Practicing is hard.

I know it’s difficult. I can remember all the knock-down, drag-out, crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth that went on in our house when my mom said it was time to practice. But one hour a day (30 minutes classical, 30 minutes fiddle) I did what had to be done. It wasn’t an option… You know, looking back, that’s not a lot of time. How many of us waste that much time doing something that won’t make us better fiddlers?

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Beautiful short documentary. Worth your time - fiddlers be inspired…

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<p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="">historyofthebanjo</a>:</p>
<p>Cigar Box Fiddles!</p>
<p>#fiddle #cigar box #violin #fiddle history #civil war</p>


Cigar Box Fiddles!

#fiddle #cigar box #violin #fiddle history #civil war

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I am excited to embark on a new chapter of my working life - I recently gave my notice to the Pam Tillis organization and will no longer be touring with her or Lorrie Morgan (on their awesome Grits and Glamour Tour). I must admit, I'm sad to be leaving. It's been an incredible four years and I have learned so much. Thanks to Pam, her amazing husband/manager Matt Spicher, and my bandmates, especially the lovely and talented Mary Sue Englund, with whom I spent more time over the last few years than I did with my husband. And I wouldn't trade a minute of it...