NEW! Bluegrass Skill Builder Workshop

Welcome to my new and exciting Bluegrass Skill Builder weekly Zoom workshop! Every week you can join in and play along with me - we'll learn kickoffs, fills, and licks of all kinds. I'll break them down and show them to you as we go, no need to prepare anything ahead of time. We'll also start each session with a useful series of warmups and exercises. Because it's on Zoom, you'll be able to play along with me and make sure it's sounding right. This class is all about repetition and accuracy, and building the skills you need to get into that bluegrass jam with confidence. The class will last about an hour every week, Saturday at noon Central time. (That's 10 a.m. Pacific, 11 a.m. Mountain, and 1 p.m. Eastern.) You'll get a meeting invite sent to your email, no later than a couple of hours before each class. Cost is $20 per class or $70 for a month's worth. All sessions will be recorded so you can learn and play along on your own schedule if you can't make it to the live class.

Make sure you're tuned up and rosined up when class begins. This class will be all about playing - no time like the quarantine to really nail down your bluegrass jam skills - this way you'll be ready to roll when we can all head out to festivals and jams! This class is best for upper beginners and beyond.

If you purchase a single class and won't to switch to the month after trying it out, not a problem. You can get the monthly pass at any time and I'll refund the single class payment.

Payment Options

Weekly Lessons

Are you a regular weekly student? Fantastic. Please pay your monthly fee before the first lesson of each month. If you have not already been taking weekly lessons and would like to get on the schedule, please email me to see if I currently have any openings and if I do, we'll get you on the schedule. If I don't, please feel free to purchase an individual lesson or two and we'll start there. Weekly lessons cost $40 per lesson for 30 minutes, $60 per lesson for 45 minutes, and $80 per lesson for 60 minutes. I offer three lessons per month, weeks to be determined mutually at the end of the previous month.

Here's where you pay for monthly regular lessons. Remember, this is a flat rate for three lessons per month. Use the drop down menu to find your proper lesson length.

Lesson Length Options
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One-at-a-Time Lessons

Are you interested in purchasing individual lessons? Click on the button just below and it will take you to an appointment page where you can choose what length of lesson you'd like (30, 45, or 60 minutes) then you can choose the day and time and pay for your lesson, all in the same place. The program will also send you a reminder when your lesson is coming up.

Custom Recorded Lesson $30

Is there a particular tune or concept you need me to help you learn? I will record a full breakdown of every note, bowing, and phrase and email it to you as an mp3 you can work with over and over until it makes perfect sense. This is especially useful for people who are working in a band and need to learn the fiddle parts to a popular song or for someone who encounters common jam songs and wants to be able to jump in and contribute. 

Name of Song or Concept

Judging Your Contest Rounds

Could there be a better way to prepare for a fiddle contest than to ask me to pre-judge your tunes and help you improve them before you actually play them in a contest? Just video your tunes and post them as unlisted on YouTube and send me the link. You can also record them on your phone or computer and email me the mp3s. I will listen to your round of tunes just like the judges would and then send back a detailed, tune-by-tune email with my thoughts about your performance and all the things you can do to improve them before the contest. I have judged the National Fiddle Championships several times as well as over 10 different State Championships. I have also coached dozens of State and National Champions, including 5 time Grand National Champion Tristan Clarridge and National, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee State Champions Maddie Denton and Doug Fleener. Fiddle contests often have more than one elimination round and you usually aren't allowed to repeat the tunes from the first round. Here's how FiddleStar contest judging pricing works with that in mind.

$40 includes detailed feedback on one set of tunes (usually 2 or 3 tunes in most contests)

$30 for each additional set of tunes

How Many Rounds?